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Gruffalo Spotters

Follow clues and search for signs of the Gruffalo

The Gruffalo Spotter App

Point the app at special markers on the trail and watch the characters from The Gruffalo come to life!

Visit the Gruffalo Spotters trail

Head to one of 26 forests to search for clues. Follow the interactive trail for signs of the Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo Spotters Activity Kit

Grab an Activity Kit for £3 from your nearest forest, packed with fun things to do to help you seek out the Gruffalo!

Download the Gruffalo Spotter app for free before you visit!

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Find your nearest Gruffalo Spotters trail

Check the closing date of your nearest trail by clicking the forest's icon on the map or by viewing the list of participating forests below.

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Download The Gruffalo Spotter app at home (data signal isn't great in the forest!) and follow clues along our interactive trail, tracking down signs of the characters from The Gruffalo.

Clues will lead to five different footprint markers in the forest for each one of the characters from the book including the unmistakable footprint of the gruffalo!

When you spot the markers point your phone's camera at them, using the app to bring the characters to life. Thanks to augmented reality technology, the characters will appear to blend in within the forest around you!

Contents of the activity kit

What’s in the Activity Kit?

What's in the Spotters Activity Kit? Available for £3 at cafés or visitor centres of participating forests. Inside you'll find:

  • An evidence collection bag
  • 5 animal activity and facts cards
  • A Spotter's Guide
  • Stickers of The Gruffalo characters
  • A special magnifying glass, ruler and a pencil.

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