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Yorkshire and The Humber Regional Forestry Strategy

In common with all the English Regions, Yorkshire and The Humber has developed a Regional Forestry Strategy to guide future development and management of our tree and woodland resource. The process has been overseen by a Steering Group which is chaired by the Government Office Rural Director and includes representatives from the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly, Yorkshire Forward, the Countryside Agency and the Forestry Commission. It has also been supported by a Regional Woodland Forum.

January 2006 update

A copy of the Spatial Information Maps - Final Report is now available in the related documents section. The report represents a suite of opportunity maps developed by The Environment Partnership (TEP) in order to provide an illustration of public benefit delivery for each of the key themes in the Strategy. The aim will be to use the maps to assist in priority setting and guiding delivery of the Regional Forestry Strategy aims and objectives.


The process started in 2001, when consultants were appointed to produce a Forestry Foundation Study for the region. This was published in July 2002 and provided an overview of the existing resource and the forestry sector associated with its management and use. That study also identified a series of policy options for consideration in the development of the strategy for the region.

In July 2004, a draft Regional Forestry Strategy : " Trees and Our Changing Region" was published for consultation. By November 2004, over 170 responses had been received, most of which were supportive of the approach adopted and made helpful comments about how the document could be improved further.

The feedback  from this public consultation exercise was considered by the Regional Woodland Forum and the resulting modified strategy was approved by the Steering Group and then formally endorsed by both the Regional Assembly and Yorkshire Forward. The strategy was published under the title : " The Value of Trees in Our Changing Region" and was formally launched by the Forestry Commission`s Director England at an event in York on July 1 2005.

The strategy is set out in two documents- " The Strategic Framework for Trees, Wood and Forests" and " The Outline Action Plan". The Strategic Framework will shape decisions about the regional tree and woodland resource through to the year 2020, with interim reviews taking place at approximately five year intervals. The Outline Action Plan is expected to evolve and develop during the early years of delivery and it is intended to review progress and publish a monitoring report and revised action plan at approximately two yearly intervals.

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