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Experience our forests in your own home


Experience the sights and sounds of some of the wonderful birds and mammals that live in our woodlands, with links through to wildlife Blogs to discover more.


Relax, learn, enjoy, explore and adventure in our forests, so much to do for everyone; here is a small selection.

Woods for You

There are a growing number of woodlands in and around towns and cities and a great deal of fun and learning to be experienced through visiting them. Follow the experiences of some first-time visitors.

Climate Change

Forests can help us to address climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Find out more about the valuable role forests can play.

We believe that woodlands and the benefits they offer should be available to everyone, but we recognise that some people can not experience them personally. These pages have been designed to let you enjoy the forests from your computer and to experience some of the things that happen in them.

We hope that you will enjoy these pages, which we will continue to expand and update and that they will encourage you to consider a visit one day. We have a wide range of facilities, events and activities and our own staff can support you in your visit if you contact them beforehand. To find out about your nearest forest, use our places to go pages, which will also give you contact numbers if you wish to discuss your requirements.

Last updated: 10th February 2016