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Whiteley Pastures Forest Design Plan

Whiteley Pastures is an ancient woodland site, which is part of the medieval Forest of Bere. It is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest that lies directly adjacent to Whiteley Village and Business Park. The management of Whiteley Pastures is undertaken with considerable care and the Forestry Commission has been working with local communities and organisations to help shape a draft forest design plan, which is now available for comment.

The Whiteley Pastures Forest Design Plan sets out the Forestry Commission’s management proposals for the next 10 years in some detail. It also outlines the plans for the following twenty, describing how the woodland will look in 30 years time. The plans will show how the woodland will contribute to the landscape and economy of the area while creating increased opportunities for recreation, heritage and biodiversity.

Over the last 12 months, we have been listening to a range of organisations and local people to find out how they think the woodland can contribute to the Whiteley area and to the visions set out in the Forestry and Woodlands Framework for South East England. These visions involve creating better places for people to live, an enhanced environment and biodiversity, a stronger contribution to the economy and a secure future for our woodland resources.

We would like to thank everyone who has told us what they like and dislike about their local woodland and it has been very useful to hear suggestions of how we might work with other organisations in the future. All of this information has been given to the local forest team that has worked hard, both on the ground and in the office, to prepare a draft concept plan for Whiteley Pastures.

Whiteley Pastures Forest Design Plan 2008-2038 (PDF 3.5Mb)
Location map (PDF 4.5Mb)

Ancient woodland map (PDF 2Mb)
Design concept map (PDF 876kb)
Existing species map (PDF 998kb)
Future habitats map (PDF 833kb)
Habitat restoration and felling map (PDF 980kb)
Legal status map (PDF 1.1Mb)
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) map (PDF 964kb)

If you would like to comment on any of the above, please e-mail or write to us using the contact details below:

Mr J Harding
Forestry Commission
Bedgebury Office
Park Lane
TN17 2SL