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Playing through the seasons

This set of four seasonal play booklets, each packed full of activity ideas, will help you to discover, build, imagine and create as you explore in the woodland.  There will also be an activity to do back at home, using some objects collected from your woodland visit.

SpringChildren playing in bluebells

Can you meet our nest challenge, play the sounds of a woodland, find a flower rainbow and create a spring scent?


Find some woodland summer secrets and create a summer trail for others to follow, listen to the song of the woods, write a secret message with a natural invisible ink and meet a tree giant.

Woodland sundial - using woodland objects, a decorated stick and plenty of sunshine, make your own sundial.  And use your pine cones to give a weather forecast.

AutumnFamily having fun with autumn leaves

Stitch a leaf creation for a woodland animal, concoct your own woodland scent, create a leaf storm and see if you could survive as a squirrel!

Natural dyes - using autumn fruits and berries, and other autumn finds, create your own natural dyes - also includes instructions for tie dying

Natural paints and autumn rub pictures - create your own autumn paints or colour a picture by rubbing directly on paper


Come and find the tree waiting to meet you, build twig towers, explore trees blindfolded and create a winter animal shelter. 

Winter ice art - following your winter walk in the woods, why not use some of the things you've collected to create an ice mobile for you garden!

Last updated: 1st November 2016

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.