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West Woods is a very beautiful plantation of beech trees on a former ancient woodland site. A long and gradual process is under way to increase the biodiversity of the woodland by introducing native species other than just beech, through the promotion of natural regeneration and planting.

The woodland becomes very popular in late spring due to the fantastic displays of bluebells which carpet the forest floor in certain areas. There is a good network of trails including an easy access route.

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Is there any camping allowed in Westwood

Dan, 5/Apr/2018

Camping is not allowed in the woods under forest byelaws. Thank you

Forestry Commission Response
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Really enjoyed the mtb trails in west woods. Most of them have now been destroyed. Are there any reasons why official trails could not be built and enjoyed by the many mountain bikers in the area?

Wes, 7/Dec/2017

Cycling is permitted in the forest, but trail building isn’t. The Forestry Commission does a huge amount to encourage participation in its woodlands – particularly by mountain bikers (official trail centres, community led bike trail schemes). However, we do have a budget to work to and we cannot develop everywhere for recreation. In other woodlands we have successful recognised groups who under their own insurance and following the Forestry Commission bike trail building guidelines, successfully look after trails. This would need a team of dedicated people to get together and form a community group who are keen to police and look after any agreed trails built.

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I know a lot of my friends have been there searching for the mountain bike trails and they couldn't find them because apparently loads of them have over grown. I'd like to get some guidance from local people or anyone where they are if that's possible because there are some really amazing trails there and it's the only good place to go to in Marlborough becaus I've watched lots of videos. It would be very good if someone could tell me where they are.

Finn Mulvey, 29/Oct/2017

We are aware of some wild trails in West woods. These are not official trails and building of any jumps or features on these is not permitted. If Forestry Commission find any trails with features that we deem to be unsafe, these will be removed to ensure safety. Please be sure to abide by any safety signage you come across on site as we harvest timber in these woodlands.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 19th January 2018

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