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Broadleaved woodland. New Forest FDNestled in the trees, this shady car park is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic whilst listening to the sounds of woodland wildlife all around.


GROUP USING THE BARBECUE FACILITIES IN ANDERWOOD PICNIC AREA. NEW FOREST FPIf you are interested in booking the barbecue site  at Anderwood or using your own, please visit click on the link above for further information.

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Hi,Its possible rent a bbq for this Sunday 19 june?

Fabiana Silva, 12/Jun/2016

Thank you for your question. The Anderwood barbecue is now fully booked on weekends until the beginning of September. If you are interested in booking a different date please phone us on 0300 067 4601.

Forestry Commission Response

Hi I would like to book your bbq site for tomorrow evening Saturday 7th of June

Ivan Foreman, 5/Jun/2015

Thank you for your comment. We appologise for not getting back to you, due to delays in comments arriving at this office. For this reason we recommend that all enquiries for barbecues are made at least a week in advance by phoning 0300 067 4640 or e-mailing as the sites are very popular.

Forestry Commission Response

I would reiterate the previous correspondent's request for a postcode. Since there isn't one for Anderwood, suppose you gave the postcode for a property along that road, or nearest one on the A35, and then say "from that postcode drive half a mile (or whatever) south...". Unfortunately the map reference you give is no good - Googling for it put me in the middle of Salisbury (are you sure it's correct?)

GH, 5/Jun/2015

Thank you for your comment on postcodes. The problem with using postcodes at all in connection with our sites is that they are so vague in rural areas, where even giving the postcode of the nearest property for use by someone using solely a satnav system, can send them wildly off course in any direction. Our experience has shown this causes more confusion. Some satnavs can be set to use the National Grid Ref system and this is far more accurate. Incidentally, we checked the grid ref given for Anderwood and it is correct. I always find it useful when navigating in rural areas to check the Ordnance Survey maps and not rely solely on road atlases or postcode based systems. I prefer to use Bing Maps. If you look at their map options, they offer the Ordnance Survey, which provides a far more detailed layer of information and, when used with the aerial photo views, is a powerful way to locate most things on the ground. I think we all look forward to the time when satnavs use a land based system rather than a postcode based system for rural areas. North Walk Ranger

Forestry Commission Response
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