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Explore The Cyril Hart Arboretum
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.8/5)


Cyril Hart Arboretum, Forest of DeanThe Cyril Hart Arboretum was established in 1915 with trees brought back by the Victorian plant hunter Ernest Wilson from his 1910 explorations of China.

 At the time the arboretum was known as the Speech House Arboretum it was later renamed the Cyril Hart Arboretum after Dr Cyril Hart who dedicated a lifetime of service to forestry and was a Senior Verderer (1952 – 2009) of the Forest of Dean.

The collection of trees has been added to over the years and now contains species found from around the globe. The Arboretum is managed by the Forestry Commission with the help of a team of local volunteers.

There is a level surfaced trail around one side of the arboretum, the rest is unsurfaced but still flat and can easily accommodate pushchairs and those less able. The arboretum is within a fenced area making this site popular with dog walkers, whilst enjoying the area please be a responsible dog owner. 



What do other visitors say?

Hi, not certain tree 44 is correctly labelled. Says it"s an acer but acers don't have berries! Think this might be Viburnum betulifolium. I havent seen it in leaf though.

Barbara D, 21/Dec/2016

We have recently re-labeled all the trees - this may have got mixed up - we will check this week - thank you.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Utterly delightful walk! The trees are a real tresure trove with some magnificent specimens and the newly planted Koyamaki, Japanese Umbrella-pine is worth a visit in itself! #treegeek

(No sign of any dog poop or badly behaved dogs.)

Holmer, 19/Aug/2016

Thank you, we've been working hard to re-label all the specimen trees

Forestry Commission Response
2 Stars 2 Stars

I went to this place today and it looked gorgeous. Was warned outside it was nice but there were going to be lots of dogs around. I was there with hubby and 2 kids, 7 year old and 3 year old. We still decided to go in as expected most dogs to be on leads and owners that were responsible. My daughter ran on as was rly excited to read about the tree ahead, I noticed a group of people coming along with a rather large dog but it was on a lead so wasn't concerned. The dog came up rly close to my daughter and the irresponsible owner did not move dog away infact it continued to follow her so I tried to make a game of it for her and went on and started running around another tree. Anyways dog owner and group in general started making comments "for goodness sake our dog won't do anything" "we have children" etc... I got rly annoyed, not only had this lady clearly allowed the dog to startle my child but now was being patronising.. Ended up having to have words which almost led to it becoming physical between the men, Im pregnant so was in no position to be involved in anything. I was also surprised there were so many other dogs without leads. We had to leave after 5 minutes, there were too many dogs around and I don't trust dogs enough especially when there is a group of them with children around. I think most non dog walkers would feel uncomfortable. Won't be visiting again and if woman with rather large dog reads this... If you can't control your dog you shouldn't have one!!!! You were a completely strangers and so was your dog, there was no reason we should trust you both. Next time keep your dog to yourself!!!!

A , 7/Aug/2016

We're sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, we certainly ask people to keep their dogs under control.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 10th January 2017

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