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Explore Bacton Woods
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.8/5)

Bacton Wood - Beech Ave Red and Blue route

The original woodland included Sessile Oaks and two of these, which are thought to be over 200 years old, still remain. There are now over 30 species of tree in the wood including Scots and Corsican Pine, Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Larch.


The car park is located on a minor road two and a half miles north of North Walsham. It is a wonderful place to start your discovery of the woods whether on foot, cycle or horseback. Orienteering is also available.  There are three waymarked walks denoted by colour routed posts. Select Bacton Wood Trails from the left hand side menu for more information.

Forest Management

Bacton Woods is managed sustainably for people, wildlife and timber.  Currently the wood is being thinned, which is where some trees are felled to allow the healthy growth of the remaining trees.  You might see painted dots appearing on the trees which are there to help forest workers know where to work and what to fell.

The felled tress are not wasted and are used in many different ways from firewood to fencing posts.  Forest operations can be messy and the forest will look different for a while but it wont be long before the forest flora responds to the new light flooding in.

Forest Safety: During forest operations please obey warning signs to keep you and forest workers safe in the forest.

What do other visitors say?

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These Woods are a tremendous amenity for the local community and visitors from further afield and it would be a great shame if they are allowed to get into a state of neglect. I am pleased to hear, therefore, that remedial works will take place once the weather improves to reinstate the damaged footpaths and other areas resulting from the recent tree felling operation. I wonder if some action could also be taken to improve the main pond which should be an attractive feature and a pond life facility but which is spoiled by the availability of large quantities of loose tree branches (enhanced by the recent felling) in its surrounds which inevitably end up being thrown into the pond during school holidays,etc.

Adrian Maycock, 16/Jan/2017

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Forestry Commission Response

I echo the thoughts of the previous contributor regarding the appalling state of a number of the footpaths and storage areas used by your contractor during felling operations. I am pleased to hear that reinstatement works will follow as soon as weather permits. Walkers need to exercise great care in the meantime.

Anonymous, 11/Jan/2017

Having retired to North Walsham over 3.1/2 years ago, we have loved walking our dogs in these stunning woods. However since the recent tree felling the woods have been left in an appalling state. The debris has just been left where it fell and the footpaths are in some places almost impassable. We are so disappointed to see these once beautiful woods left in this condition. Can anything be done to rectify our concerns.

Tim Smith North Walsham., 6/Jan/2017

The recent work has been to remove some diseased trees and remedial work to tidy up is planned but currently it is too wet.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 28th November 2016

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  • Cycling
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  • Orienteering
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  • Off of the B1159 between Bacton & North Walsham
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OS Grid ref: TG318312

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Off of the B1159 between Bacton & North Walsham
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