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Report on Forest Research
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The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1951. The report includes:

Summary of the year’s work

Part 1: Work carried out by the Forestry Commission staff:

- Forest tree seed investigations
- Experimental work in nurseries
- Natural regeneration of scots pine woods in the highlands
- Position of planting on ploughed heathland
- Provenance studies
- Work on afforestation problems in Scotland and northern England, 1950-51
- Oak and larch mixtures at the early pole stage
- Survey of plantations on open cast iron stone mining areas in the midlands
- Derelict woodland investigations
- Influence of shade on the height growth and habit of beech
- Climate and soil in relation to beech growth in Britain
- Chemical control of woody weed growth
- Effect of high pruning on bark-peeling costs in Douglas fir
- Forest genetics
- Persistence of late-flushing characters in Norway and Sitka spruce
- Poplars and poplar cultivation
- Studies of growth and yield
- Census of woodlands
- Tree diseases in Great Britain, 1950-51. a general review
- Forest entomology
- Machinery research
- Photography
- Library and documentation work
- Publications

Part 2: Research undertaken for the Forestry Commission by workers attached to universities and other institutions:

- Sub-committee on nutrition problems in forest nurseries—summary report on 1950 experiments
- Researches in soil mycology
- Influence of tree growth on soil profile development
- Mineral nutrient studies in heathland plantations
- Research into the physical and chemical properties of forest soils
- Soil faunal investigations
- Botanical studies of the variation in certain conifer species
- Investigations on fomes annosus in East Anglian pine plantations
- Effect of partial sterilisation on the fungal flora of an old forest nursery soil
- Megastigmus insects attacking conifer seeds
- Nesting of titmice in boxes, 1950

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