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R.F. Wood, M. Nimmo
In 1961 the Forestry Commission had over 30 forests situated wholly or partly on chalk formations, scattered over the southern and eastern counties from Dorset to Kent and north to Yorkshire, while private estate owners are also engaged in the planting and management of extensive stretches of chalk down woodland. In 1927 the Commission began a series of experiments into the best methods to use, and the most suitable kinds of trees to plant, on chalk downs and wolds undergoing afforestation for the first time. These trials, most of which are centred on Friston Forest, near Eastbourne in Sussex, and Queen Elizabeth Forest near Petersfield in Hampshire, have been continued ever since, and the main purpose of this Bulletin is to present the findings to date. It also includes an account of the characteristics of the chalk country, a historical review of planting practice since 1808, and a discussion of the future prospects.
185 x 250mm | 80 pages | black and white
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