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The Forestry Commission Journal was introduced as a way to communicate information on a wide range of topics which could not be communicated through 'ordinary official channels', and was intended to be a means of exchanging the opinions and experiences of all members of the staff.

This thirty-sixth Journal includes information on: International course on construction and operation of cable cranes, Aeschi, Berne, Switzerland. 17 June—6 July, 1968; Tractor skidding course—Sonsterud Forest Worker’s Training School, Gjesasen, Norway; Some notes on Swedish forestry, July 1968; Report of visit to tree breeding establishments in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, June and July 1969; Microbiological activity in soils and its influence on the availability of major nutrients to plants; Progress of research in plant nutrition on peat; The future of forest nurseries in Northern Ireland; Fertilisers in forestry— the future; Jervaulx forest—Sitka spruce planting at 9 ft. x 9 ft. in 1943; Helicopter spraying to kill overhead cover at Lavenham forest; Paperpot technique for raising forest tree seedlings; Aerial fertilisation at Wark forest, Northumberland; Preparations for tree planting on peatland in Northern Ireland; A new approach to the fertilising of peat areas; Forestry and landscape design; The beginnings of provenance studies; The road ahead is sylvan-lined; Research conference—October 1967. Papers presented on the theme “Where are we going?”; Teaching note on the distribution of trees in Britain; Green spaces and air pollution; Snow storm in Delamere forest; Bird life of the border forests; Awards of the Balfour-Brown deer trophies for 1968 and 1969; Access and sport; Management for conservation; Shepherds on wheels; Grizedale forest handicrafts; Studies on light, frame-steering tractors; A cheap and useful timber scribe; Notes on terms used in the pulp, paper and board industries; Sales contracts for standing coniferous timber from Forestry Commission areas, March 1969; Some chips from the old block; Forest utilisation; Wood and the homemaker; A reminiscence from George B. Ryle; With nature in the month of May; The basic precautions for mountain safety; Centenary of the Cutty Sark; Mike Smites: Trips that pass out of sight; Orienteering; Poetry.

155 x 245mm | 248 pages | black and white
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