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J.W.L.I. Zehetmayr
This five year experiment in woodland management arose out of earlier investigations into the state of small woodlands in Gwent by the County Council, and by the Dartington Amenity Research Trust on behalf of the Countryside Commission. The experiment was carried out under the direction of a steering group drawn from a wide range of countryside interests; the Forestry Commission provided the Chairman and the Project Officer, the main financial contribution cam e from the Countryside Commission, while Gwent County Council provided labour through its Manpower Services Commission team s and forestry staff. The experiment clearly showed the value of promoting woodland management and this is now being taken forward in the whole of the Principality by the Welsh Wildwoods Campaign which will seek to encourage better management amongst all woodland owners and involves a range of bodies including the Nature Conservancy Council, the Countryside Commission and the Forestry Commission.
210 x 295mm | 51 pages | colour
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