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Report on Forest Research
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The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1959. The report includes:

Summary of the year’s work

Part i - Reports of work carried out by Forestry Commission research staff
-Forest tree seed investigations
-Nursery investigations
-Silvicultural investigations in the forest: (a) south and central England and Wales (b) Scotland and -north England
-Provenance studies
-Poplars and elms
-Forest ecology
-Forest soils
-Forest genetics
-Forest pathology
-Forest entomology
-Grey squirrel control
-Forest management—introduction
-Working plans
-Forest economics
-Studies of growth and yield
-Census of woodlands
-Design and analysis of experiments
-Utilisation development
-Machinery research
-The library and photographic collection

Part ii Research undertaken for the Forestry commission by workers attached to universities and other institutions
-Researches in mycorrhiza and soil mycology
-Studies in soil mycology
-Soil fauna research
-Forest soils research in Scotland
-Substances in leaves affecting the decomposition of litter
-Studies on the physiology of flowering in forest trees
-The relationship between larch canker and the fungus trichoscyphella willkommii
-Further studies on the fungus fomes annosus
-Relation of fomes annosus incidence to soil and forest management in East Anglian pine plantations
-Shelterbelt research
-Researches on the tannin content of the stembark of Sitka spruce and Douglas fir

Part iii Results of individual investigations
-Effects of different forms and amounts of basic slag and phosphate on the growth of Japanese larch planted on blanket bog
-Summary of recent research into phosphate and potash manuring of conifers in nursery seedbeds in Scotland and northern England
-Summary of recent research into nitrogen manuring of conifers in nursery seedbeds in Scotland and northern England
-Experiments on the handling of poplar planting stock
-Resurvey of distribution of the bark beetle ips cembrae
-Studies of the indumentum of young shoots of Norway spruce

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