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Occasional Paper
A.V. Holden (Ed.), D. Bevan (Ed.)
During 1979, further spraying operations of Lodgepole pine forests in northern Scotland with fenitrothion, to control outbreaks of Pine beauty moth were necessary using the ultra-low volume technique, and monitoring operations were undertaken partly to confirm the observations of the previous year, but also, in some instances, to provide additional information on the extent of dispersion of the insecticide spray and its effect on the non-target species. This Paper, presents a series of individual reports written by the scientists and technicians from several organisations which participated in the monitoring operations, mostly conducted in one particular forest area (Craigellachie Forest). Particularly important were the trials at the Annabaglish section of Bareagle Forest in south-west Scotland to study the relationships between droplet size, chemical dosage, larval mortality, defoliation and drift through the crop canopy.

Note: This is an archive publication. Always consult the most recent guidance for up-to-date information.

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