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An ecological site classification for forestry in Great Britain

Research Report (incl. Bulletins and Technical Papers)
Graham Pyatt, Duncan Ray

The site classification in this Bulletin provides a sound ecological basis for the sustainable management of forests for timber production, wildlife conservation and other benefits. Applicable to all kinds of woodlands, from plantations of a single species through the range to semi-natural woodlands of many species, it incorporates the existing classification of soil types used as the basis of silviculture for many years.

This Bulletin contains the methodologycoded into the Ecological Site Classification Decision Support System (ESC-DSS), which is a computer-based model deisgned to match the key site factors and the ecological requirements of different tree species and woodland communities anywhere in Britain. ESC-DSS is designed as a stand based, user-friendly practical forest planning tool.

190 X 244mm | 74 pages | colour
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