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John L Morgan
This Bulletin gives guidance about choosing plants for the establishment of different types of woodland in Britain. Recent research has identified the best practices for handling and planting trees to ensure high rates of survival and good growth following planting. Recommendations cover the range of activities from plant supply through to monitoring the success of establishment. The main categories of planting stock are described and the most appropriate size specifications are recommended for different situations. Physical and physiological condition of plants are discussed and techniques for assessing damage are described. Guidance is given about choosing dates for lifting, storing and planting trees in order to avoid deterioration in their physiological condition. Techniques for the insecticide treatment and handling of treated trees are reviewed and the supervision of planting operations is described. This Bulletin is recommended reading for forest managers, woodland owners, students, and all others concerned with establishing woodlands in Britain.
190 x 250mm | 66 pages | colour photographs
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