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Occasional Paper
O.N. Blatchford (Ed.)
This Paper deals with the use of chemicals in the forest and forest nursery. Common forest insect pests, diseases, weeds and animals are listed in alphabetical order by their common names together with pesticides recommended for their control, dosage rates and application methods. The information in this Paper was first published in Forestry Commission internal guidance for staff - 'Entopath News' from 1954 and 'Entopath News Chemical Control Supplement' from 1963, and was relevant to conditions in the Forestry Commission’s nurseries and forests at that time.

This paper also contains a pullout supplement which is a graphical guide to the use of herbicides in the forest.

Note: This is an archive publication. Always consult the most recent guidance for up-to-date information.

145 x 210mm | 102 pages | black and white
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