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W.O. Wittering
ln 1959, when the Forestry Commission’s annual expenditure on weeding in the forest exceeded 1 million for the first time, the Work Study Branch was instructed to study the problem in all its aspects. Work was initially concentrated on hand weeding and the tools associated with it. Later studies of chemical and mechanical methods have resulted in the Commission adopting techniques which have given very substantial savings in costs. At the end of eleven years of intensive effort, i.e. in 1970, the weeding account stood at 0.7 million. In real terms, allowing for the decreasing value of money resulting from inflation, a true saving of 44% overall (7-2% com pound per annum ) had been achieved. Costs of the various methods of weeding are given together with advice on how to select the most suitable method. Protection of the worker is dealt with in detail. New methods, such as ultra low volume spraying, which are being studied at present, are discussed.

Note: This is an archive publication. Always consult the most recent guidance for up-to-date information.

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