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Herbert L. Edlin
The region covered by this Booklet is the southern third of Scotland, from the headwaters of the Tay in Perthshire, down to the Border. It holds the two great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the widespread industries that have been built up over the central coalfields, the richest farmlands and also—rather surprisingly—one-third of Scotland’s forests and woodlands. Because they lie so close at hand, these are the woods most often seen and visited by resident and tourist alike. Most of this Booklet is planned to show how best you can find and appreciate the woodlands of each county, while the photos provide a record of their unrivalled scenery and surroundings. But these forests are not simply lovely to look at. They have a long history and a well-planned future, both firmly linked with Scotland’s economy. It is fascinating to trace their origins from the remote past, and to see why people go on planting trees for the changed needs of today.
16 x 279mm | 92 pages | black and white
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