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Research Report
David Edwards, Anna Elliott, Suzanne Martin, Jake Morris, Elizabeth A O'brien, Andrew J Peace
This report presents the results of a comprehensive valuation of the current social and economic benefits of forestry, forests and woodlands in Scotland that are derived by the people of Scotland. The research was based upon a typology of seven ‘Forestry for People’ themes which were: employment and volunteering, contribution to the economy, recreation and accessibility, learning and education, health and well-being, culture and landscape, and community capacity. An indicator framework was developed as a basis for defining the scope of the project, reporting of headline findings, and to aid project management. Thirty quantitative indicators covering the seven themes are given in the report. The use of quantitative indicators was supplemented by qualitative research from two contrasting case study regions: the Loch Ness area in the Scottish Highlands, and the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region.
A4 | 206 pages | colour
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