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D. Bevan
The expansion in forestry planting since the end of the first world war has provided foresters in Britain with a great deal of fresh knowledge about the particular insect problems associated with these new habitats in different phases of crop life. Most of the 280 species described here are common subjects of enquiry, although some are relatively new exotic pests. This Handbook aims to aid recognition and enable the reader to take appropriate decisions. It is divided into two parts: the first provides a quick tool for identification and gives some idea of the forest importance or ecological significance of the species. The second part deals with the more important pest species, or groups of species, and summarises accumulated experience of their patterns of behaviour, site preference and potential for increase. Forest Insects is a valuable handbook for the naturalist as well as the field forester, manager and arboriculturist. This Handbook is no longer available in hardcopy.
210 x 198mm | 150 pages | colour | online only
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