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Report on Forest Research
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The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1953. The report includes:

Summary of the year’s work

Part i: Work carried out by forestry commission staff
-Forest tree seed investigations
-Experimental work in nurseries
-Silvicultural investigations in the forest
-Rhododendron ponticum in British woodlands
-Survey of tree growth on colliery spoil heaps
-Investigations into damage by the gale of January 31st, 1953,
-Silvicultural experiments on poplars
-Varietal trials and other work on poplars
-Forest genetics
-Studies of growth and yield
-The control and avoidance of forest tree diseases
-Forest entomology
-Machinery research
-Utilisation development
-The library and documentation centre at Alice Holt

Part ii: Research undertaken for the forestry commission by workers attached to universities and other institutions
-Nutrition problems in forest nurseries, summary
-Report for 1952
-Partial sterilisation of soil for disease control
-Researches in soil mycology
-Effect of tree growth on soil profile development
-Growth and nutrition of spruce and pine in heathland
-The forest ecology of acid soils
-The physical and chemical properties of forest soils
-Soil faunal investigations
-The relationship between larch canker and trichoscyphella willkommii
-The biology of cryptostroma corticale and the
-Sooty bark disease of sycamore
-Megastigmus seedflies infesting conifer seed
-Studies of variation in conifers

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