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A survey for the collection of statistics as to the rate of growth and production of timber was begun in the summer of 1917, at a time when the large demands for timber required for military purposes and the mining industry were being met mainly from British woods. Extensive fellings were in progress in all parts of the country, and negotiations were proceeding on all sides for the sale of standing timber. These abnormal conditions offered a unique opportunity for the collection of forest statistics.

The first three Chapters of the bulletin deal with the general methods employed in the field and the working up of the collected data into Yield Tables for the principal species. In order to confine the bulletin within reasonable limits, the methods by which the Yield Tables were prepared have not been described in detail. In Chapters IV to VIII, the data are submitted to statistical analysis with a view to investigating the effect of locality upon the growth of Larch, Scots pine and Spruce. Finally, in Chapter IX, the evidence from the data as to the prevalence of canker in Larch, crown damage in Scots pine and heartrot in Larch, Scots pine, and Spruce is briefly discussed.
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