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Practice Guide
Matthew Ritchie, Jonathan Wordsworth
Identifying the historic environment in Scotland's forests and woodlands has been prepared by Forestry Commission Scotland and Archaeology Scotland as an aid to forestry and woodland managers when considering the historic environment in their stewardship. The principal purpose of this practice guide is to provide an accessible introduction to exploring 'archaeology in the field'.
Archaeological and historical features represent a valuable and fragile resource. Once damaged or destroyed they can never be replaced nor properly understood - and important elements of our history and inheritance are lost. They are a critical part of the wider contemporary landscape and are part of the legacy that all land managers hand on to their successors. They can enhance the sense of place and historical context of the local community - and play a significant role in ensuring a more diverse and attractive landscape. An understanding and appreciation of the historic environment is essential if we are to protect the achievements of our ancestors for the benefit of future generations.
A4 | 40 pages | colour
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