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Alan F. Mitchell, Christine Darter
This booklet contains a wealth of information on conifers from roughly 580 estates, gardens, parks and collections. Some outstanding trees previously unrecorded have been found and the best of these have been included. Specimens outside the general range of their species in this country are given precedence even if of no great size. Trees recorded in previous works have also been given some precedence and are included if they have made good, or occasionally, exceptionally little, growth. The coverage in this Booklet is intended to show the range of the species, and of the larger specimens; the largest, the finest and those of the most rapid growth. Special attention has been paid to the oldest or original trees surviving, as, in many cases, this is likely to be the last survey in which they will appear as living trees. The text describes 43 genera, 270 species and a further 217 varieties or cultivars. It mentions 526 arboreta and gardens that have been visited by the author, and twenty-four species are shown in full-page photographs.
216 x 279mm | 350 pages | black and white
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