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Technical Guide
This Technical Guide serves as a source of information for those involved in winching operations in forestry. A series of basic principles are presented on winch forces and fail-safe systems including a discussion of areas where shortfalls in safety can commonly occur. Guidance is provided on the controlled failure of winch systems. Example winch set-ups are illustrated which demonstrate the forces involved and identify the appropriate equipment rating for a series of hypothetical tree-takedown and debogging situations.

The Guide focuses solely on the use of static hand or vehicle mounted mechanised winches and does not cover the use of vehicles used in pulling operators. The use of winches for lifting is a separate subject, especially with regard to the legislation on lifting equipment, and is not covered in this Guide. Please note that the Guide is not a substitute for training; anyone involved in winching must have first received the appropriate technical and first-aid training.

A4 booklet | 28 pages | 2 colour
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