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Report on Forest Research
Forestry Commission
Report on Forest Research for the year ending March 1969 which includes:

Work carried out by Forestry Commission research and development staff
Forest tree seed; production of planting stock, site studies and the role of minor species; provenance; choice of species; arboriculture; planting; nutrition of forest - crops; forest weed control ; soil moisture, climate and tree growth; drainage; cultivation; regeneration; artificial; natural; stability of crops; ecology ; forest genetics; forest pathology; forest entomology; mammals and birds; statistics; research workshop; photography; publications; research information; planning and economics; work study; timber utilisation development.

Research undertaken for the Forestry Commission at universities and other institutions
- Nutrition experiments in forest nurseries
- Research on forest soils and tree nutrition
- Conifer seedling pathology
- Biology of the fungus crumenula sororia
- Virus diseases of forest trees
- Studies on insect viruses
- Research on the green spruce aphid, elatobium abietinum
- Studies on tit and pine looper moth populations at Culbin Forest
- Fish populations in forest streams
- Environmental studies
- Environmental factors and the growth of Sitka spruce
- Hydrological relations of forest and moorland vegetation
- Fires in forest and heathland fuels

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