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The Forestry Commission Journal was introduced as a way to communicate information on a wide range of topics which could not be communicated through 'ordinary official channels', and was intended to be a means of exchanging the opinions and experiences of all members of the staff.

This thirty-fourth Journal includes information on: A tour of Finnish forests; Notes on the Sixth F.A.O. Study Tour—Rumania. 6th—17th June, 1965; Report on four weeks’ visit to Hannoversch— Miinden Seed Testing Station, West Germany, 31st May to 25th June, 1965; The Czech Forestry and Game Management Research Institute;Tree pruning: International Labour Office course at Arnhem, Holland; A working visit to Germany;Society of Foresters’ annual excursion, Northern Ireland, September, 1965; Royal Forestry Society—Northern Ireland excursion. 9th to 14th May, 1965; Report on Royal Forestry Society’s tour of Northern Ireland, 9th to 14th May, 1965; Royal Scottish Forestry Society. 68th annual excursion to West Scotland, 1965 held from 10th May to 14th May; 68th annual meeting and excursion of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society; Conifers in Alaska; Soil reaction and tree seedling growth; Machine lining out. The super prefer transplanter; The Delamere wire netting roller; More notes on nursery undercutting; A technique for preparation of peat moss for planting; Soil preparation and tree growth on heathland soils: The rigg and furr system; Can glass and metal containers start forest fires?; Northern Ireland forest fire statistics for forest years 1962-65; Forest protection and wildlife conservation (mammals and birds); A big stag from Thetford; The Thetford high seat; Forestry, fishing and finance; Some problems on fishery improvement on small streams; Protection forest for fishery in Japan; Wildlife studies: Black grouse, ptarmigan, golden eagles and roe deer; Gone west with the rabbits; Sap sucking by the greater spotted woodpecker in the Forest of Dean; The Forestry Commission builds 200 miles of road a year; The Abreshwiller Forest tramway; When the balloon goes up; Markets for poplar timber and bark; The psychological image of wood; Plywood, fibreboard and wood chipboard; The preservation of western red cedar shingles; Rings per inch in conifers; Land use policy; Private woodlands and national forests in the eleven Forestry Commission Conservancies, 1965; Work study in forestry; Accidents in forestry work in the Netherlands; Acid peats and associated vegetation types; The origin of hill and dale; A salute to Dr. William Schlich, forestry pioneer; A history of Kentish Woodlands; History of forest officers in East England, 1921 to 1965;The oak tree in Dean Forest history; Oak in the Dean Forest, Gloucestershire: Records of growth from 1784 to 1884; Bog butter: another explanation; Public response to forest recreation in Northern Ireland; Abbott’s Wood pond; Poetry; Book reviews.

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