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The Forestry Commission Journal was introduced as a way to communicate information on a wide range of topics which could not be communicated through 'ordinary official channels', and was intended to be a means of exchanging the opinions and experiences of all members of the staff.

This twenty-third Journal includes information on: Lord Robinson, O.B.E; Notes on the sixth British Commonwealth Forestry Conference, 1952, and forestry in Canada; A visit to Denmark and Sweden; Forest tree breeding in Sweden; Italian and Swiss research; Forest pathology in Eire; Pinus contorta in County Wicklow, Eire; Picea omorika; The British Association Meeting in Liverpool, 1953; Preserving Scots pine strains after the 1953 windblow in North-east Scotland; The Kinver nursery; A method of wWorking heavy nursery soils with a ridge plough; Seedbed root pruning machines; Raising hardwood planting stocks by undercutting; Eradication of rhododendrons; Natural regeneration at 1,200 feet above sea level at Glasfynydd Forest; A grazing experiment in Redesdale Forest; A hybrid larch stand at Staindale, Allerston Forest; A modern approach to thinning practice; Smallwood from conifer thinnings; Lightning and forest fires at Rosedale Forest; Lightning and forest fires at Langdale Forest; Thetford type static water tanks; Observations on windblow in young plantations at Allerston; Rabbit clearance in King’s Forest, 1947 to 1951; Vole damage to trees at ten feet from ground level; Dendroctonus micans, a continental pest of Sitka spruce; Fomes annosus in East Anglian pine sample plots; Forest bridges; The integration of Forest Officers duties in Commission forests and private woodlands; The balance sheet and supporting schedules; Natural history notes from the Highlands; Report of the Lynford School Bird Club; Raids on nest boxes by weasels; Natural vegetation of oakwoods in Alice Holt Forest; The marsh pennywort, hydrocotyle vulgaris, as a weed in Newborough Nursery.

155 x 245mm | 144 pages | black and white
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