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Landscape Scale Working

West Weald Project

The West Weald Project is a partnership approach to land management, bringing together a range of public, voluntary and private sector land managers to promote co-ordinated management across a whole landscape.  A key issue in the north of the area is to encourage active management to give priority butterfly species such as the pearl bordered fritillary a chance of survival, while also benefiting other woodland species.  In the south of the project area are found wood pasture and parkland sites, and sites managed with a minimal intervention approach.  In this part, rare species such as the Bechstein’s bat are found and management of the land aims to ensure they continue to thrive.

By working at a landscape scale, the partners want to benefit from joint marketing of woodland produce, joint contracts for management work, co-operative deer management and a joined-up approach to seeking funding.  With the economies of scale that such an approach can bring, it is hoped that biodiversity as well as other objectives will be supported in a cost-effective way. 

  • Contributes to RFF outcomes 5, 9
  • Partners: Butterfly Conservation, Natural England, Forestry Commission, High Weald AONB Unit, Surrey Wildlife Trust, Sussex Downs Conservation Board, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust.
  • For more information, contact Sussex Wildlife Trust on 01273 492630 or see the website

Wychwood Project

The Wychwood Project uses the focus of the former Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood to encourage local people to understand, conserve and restore the rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats within the former Forest boundaries.  The Project’s activities have been diverse and include: the establishment of community woodlands; providing training in countryside skills for local people; contributing a historic perspective to farm conservation plans; advising on the creation of 100 acres of new woodland; creating a 37 mile circular trail, the Wychwood Way, with accompanying guidebook; producing maps and books on the conservation interest of the region; and running more than 200 walks, talks and community events.  A key success has been the establishment of the Friends of Wychwood.  The Friends began as an informal group of supporters and has grown to become a locally active, independent, charitable company that has attracted over 500 members.

  • Contributes to RFF outcomes 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11
  • Partners: Friends of Wychwood, Oxfordshire County Council, West Oxfordshire District Council, and other local charities
  • For more information, see or tel: 01993 814143,  email:

For information on the Blean Initiative, see framework document.


Last updated: 24th June 2017