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Forestry Statistics 2015 - UK-Grown Timber

Woodfuel and pellets

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Wood from various sources can be used for fuel, including roundwood, chips and sawdust from wood processing, specific products such as pellets and briquettes, and recycled wood.

The following pages provide data on:

  • recycled wood used for woodfuel (Table 2.30 below);
  • woodfuel supply by sawmills and round fencing manufacturers (Table 2.31); and
  • wood pellet production (Table 2.32).

In addition, estimates of roundwood used directly for woodfuel are provided in tables 2.5 and 2.6.

Results from a survey of woodfuel suppliers, run in Spring 2009, were provided in Forestry Statistics 2009.

Recycled wood used for woodfuel

Estimates of recycled wood used for woodfuel are produced annually by the Wood Recyclers' Association. In 2013, it is estimated that 825 thousand tonnes of recycled wood were used for woodfuel, an increase of 9% from the 2012 estimate of 759 thousand tonnes.

Table 2.30 Recycled wood used for woodfuel, 2009-2013
Year Total
  thousand tonnes
2009 495
2010 551
2011 594
2012 759
2013 825

Source: Wood Recyclers Association 



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