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Public Opinion of Forestry - tree health

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The Forestry Commission has conducted similar surveys of public attitudes to forestry and forestry-related issues every two years since 1995. The most recent surveys were conducted in 2013 (with separate surveys in Scotland, Wales, and across the UK as a whole) and in 2014 (in Northern Ireland). The full results are available within the 2013 and 2014 Public Opinion of Forestry reports available on our website at

Questions were asked in the 2013 and 2014 surveys, for the first time, to gauge the public's views on tree health issues.

The highest level of agreement was seen with the statement "action should be taken by authorities and woodland managers to protect trees from damaging pests and diseases", with 80% of UK respondents in 2013 agreeing (agree or strongly agree) (Figure 5.2). This compares with only 22% agreeing with the statement "there is very little that anyone can do to prevent the spread of damaging tree pests and diseases".

Figure 5.2 Public opinion on tree health

Figure 5.2 Public opinion on tree health

Source: UK Public Opinion of Forestry Survey 2013.

Base: 2,000 UK respondents.

These figures are outside the scope of National Statistics 

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