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Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers


The Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers is an annual survey conducted by the Forestry Commission (in association with the Forest Service) of round fencing manufacturers (or mills) in the UK that are believed to consume UK-grown roundwood.

The survey, which previously covered mills in Great Britain only, was extended in 2004 to include those in Northern Ireland. Figures for Northern Ireland in earlier years have therefore been estimated, based on responses to the 2004 survey.

Figures are published as UK totals and by size of mill.

Longer time series, providing data on numbers of mills and on softwood consumption are available from the Timber Statistics web page at The time series data feature breakdowns by size of mill and by country.

Data collected

The questionnaire used for the Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers is issued to around 70 mills, to collect information on the consumption of UK-grown and (from 2006) imported roundwood. In 2008, the survey was extended to cover woodfuel quantities (sales to bioenergy, sales as firewood and internal use for heat/ energy) and total employment. In 2010, the survey was further extended to request data on production of round fencing and other products. A breakdown of the country of origin (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) for UK-grown roundwood is also requested.

More information on the Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers, including copies of the questionnaires sent to businesses in recent years, can be found at

Response rates

In 2013, the questionnaire was issued to 67 mills, of which 27 responded, giving a response rate of 40%. These respondents accounted for an estimated 51% of roundwood purchased by softwood round fencing manufacturers.

Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers Response Rates, 2004-2013


Forms issued

Responses received

Response rate1

Weighed response rate2 






















87 55 63% 88%


82 42 51% 56%


79 34 43% 46%


72  26 36% 58%


68 26 38% 53%


67 27 40% 51%


1. Response rates are calculated as the number of responses received divided by the number of forms issued.

2. Weighted response rates have been calculated from the 2008 survey onwards. They are an estimate of the proportion of total roundwood purchased by softwood round fencing manufacturers that is accounted for by respondents.

.. Denotes data not available.


Each year, figures for non respondents are estimated by rolling forward data from previous years for these mills.


Detailed information on the survey quality is available in the "Quality Report: Private Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers" at$FILE/qrfensur.pdf.

Further quality information on FC Official Statistics is available at:


Results from the Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers may be revised between the provisional figures published in the First Release "UK Wood Production and Trade: provisional figures" and the final data published in "Forestry Facts & Figures" and "Forestry Statistics" to take account of late returns and the results of additional data quality checking procedures.

All figures are subject to revision annually, as information becomes available about mills opening or closing, or new information becomes available for previous non-respondents. Such revisions are generally quite small.

Figures for 2013 are final; provisional figures were previously released in "UK Wood Production and Trade: 2013 provisional figures".

Figures for 2013 and earlier years have not been revised from those in "UK Wood Production and Trade: 2013 provisional figures".

In Table 7.2, total employment by fencing mills has been revised from 369 to 405 full-time equivalents in 2009, from 360 to 396 FTEs in 2010, from 361 to 397 FTEs in 2011, and from 334 to 370 FTEs in 2012, from the figures published in "Forestry Statistics 2013".

Information on other revisions made since "Forestry Statistics 2013" are provided in "UK Wood Production and Trade: 2013 provisional figures".

Release schedule

Provisional figures for 2014 will be released on 14 May 2015 in "UK Wood Production and Trade: 2014 provisional figures".

Final figures for 2014 will be released on 24 September 2015 in "Forestry Statistics 2015" and "Forestry Facts & Figures 2015".

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