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Figure 4.3 Projected carbon sequestration of WCC projects in the UK

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Figure 4.3 shows the total projected carbon sequestration of Woodland Carbon Code projects in the UK, over their lifetime of up to 100 years. Carbon sequestration is expressed in million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. It includes the amount claimable by a project plus the amount allocated to a shared "buffer" in case of unanticipated losses. The figure is in the form of a stacked bar chart showing the projected carbon sequestration of projects registered each quarter between September 2011 and June 2013, split between projects validated and projects awaiting validation. The projected sequestration of validated projects has increased steadily in the period shown, from about 30 thousand to nearly one million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. As of June 2013, several projects awaiting validation are expected to bring the total sequestration to over five million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.