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Figure 4.2 - Net annual change in carbon (CO2 equivalent) in UK woodlands

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Figure 4.2 shows estimated net annual changes in the amount of carbon in living biomass in UK woodlands, starting in 1990 and including projections up to 2020. Changes are expressed in million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The figure is in the form of a stacked bar chart, showing annual changes for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a line superimposed showing UK totals. For the period up to 2009, the UK total increases from 9 million tonnes CO2 in 1990 to 13 million tonnes CO2 in 2004, then declines to 5 million tonnes CO2 in 2011. During this period, all countries show positive changes, except Wales in 2010 and 2011. Scotland accounts for around two-thirds of the UK total. In the period after 2011, the figures are projected to continue to decrease in all countries, with the UK total projected to become negative in 2020.