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Forestry Statistics 2013 - Accessibility

Figure 5.2 - Public opinion on tree health

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Figure 5.2 shows the level of agreement the public have with a set of statements relating to tree health. These questions were placed in the UK Public Opinion of Forestry Survey 2013. Respondents were asked to state their level of agreement i.e. “Strongly agree”, “Agree”, “Neither agree nor disagree”, “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree” with each of the statements. The following percentages of respondents agreed with the following statements i.e. stated “Strongly agree” or “agree”:

  1. Action should be taken by authorities and woodland managers to protect trees from damaging pests and diseases - 80%;
  2. I woould be willing to look out for and report sightings of pests and diseases on trees, if appropriate information and advice was available to me - 64%;
  3. Everyone should take action when visiting woodlands to help prevent the spread of damaging tree pests and diseases - 63%
  4. I understand what is meant by biosecurity - 28%;
  5. There is very little that anyone can do to prevent the spread of damaging tree pests and diseases - 22%.