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Sources: Woodland area and planting

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New planting & restocking


New planting is the creation of new areas of woodland.  Restocking is the replanting of areas of woodland that have been felled.  New planting can use planting/seeding or natural colonisation.  Restocking can also use planting/seeding or natural regeneration.

Information about Forestry Commission and Forest Service new planting and restocking comes from administrative systems.  Information about other woodland has come principally from the Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) and the successor grant schemes introduced in England, Wales and Scotland. For natural colonisation and regeneration, the areas are those for which the second instalment of grant has been paid.  Areas receiving grant are allocated to years by date of payment.  The coverage and level of grant support may differ across schemes, so that figures on grant-aided planting are not directly comparable between countries or over time.  Further information on grant schemes is available on the Forestry Commission website.

Local estimates for areas of planting and restocking which are not FC and which are not grant-aided are included for England, Wales and Scotland.  These estimates are relatively small (less than one thousand hectares annually), and it has been assumed that all of this area is broadleaves.  It is assumed that there is no non-FS non-grant aided new planting and restocking in Northern Ireland.

Data collected

Data on planting (new planting, restocking) in each country (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) are obtained by ownership (FC/ FS, non-FC/ FS) and type of woodland (conifer, broadleaf).


The statistics on new planting and restocking may be revised between the provisional figures published in the First Release 'Woodland Area, Planting and Restocking' and the final data published in Forestry Facts & Figures and Forestry Statistics, to take account of revisions to administrative data.  They are not normally revised after final figures are published.

Information on significant revisions to published statistics is provided in the quality report on Woodland Area, Planting and Restocking, available from our Quality web page.


Statistics reported for each year are published at a country level (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).

Longer time series, providing data on new planting and restocking are available from the Woodland Area and Planting Statistics web page.  The time series data feature breakdowns by country, by ownership (FC/ FS, non-FC/ FS) and by type of woodland (conifers/ broadleaves).

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