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Figures on UK wood production (or removals) are compiled from a variety of sources: 

  • Forestry Commission/ Forest Service administrative records - for all removals from FC/ FS woodlands;
  • Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey - for softwood removals from non-FC/ FS woodlands and
  • statistics on deliveries - for total hardwood removals.

The compilation of data on wood production was extended in 2004 to include Northern Ireland. 

A new survey, collecting data on brash and stump removals, was introduced in 2009.

The software used to record Forestry Commission sales has included some sales of mixed softwood and hardwood as softwood in previous years.


Figures for removals from FC/ FS woodlands are converted from cubic metres (m3) to green tonnes using standard conversion factors.  For total softwood figures, the results from the Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey are combined with the data for FC/ FS woodlands to produce total softwood removals.

For hardwood figures, the total hardwood removals are assumed to equal the total hardwood deliveries (obtained from industry surveys and industry associations).  Hardwood removals from FC/ FS woodlands are then subtracted to give an estimate of the amount of hardwood removed from non-FC/ FS woodlands.


Non-FC/ FS softwood removals are subject to revision annually (see note on the Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey).  Removals from FC/ FS woodlands are not normally revised.  Total hardwood removals (and consequently hardwood removals from non-FC/ FS woodlands) are subject to annual revisions (see notes on deliveries for further information).


Figures are published as UK totals.  Country breakdowns (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) are also published for softwood in table 2.3 for non-FC/ FS removals and table 2.4 for FC/ FS removals.  Approximate country breakdowns are also estimated for hardwood removals.

Longer time series, presenting estimates of FC/ FS and non-FC/ FS removals by country and by softwood/ hardwood are available from the Timber Statistics web page.

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