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Data on woodfuel have been obtained from the following sources:

  • Woodfuel suppliers survey (run for the first time in 2008);
  • Sawmill survey and survey of round fencing manufacturers;
  • Wood Recyclers' Association;
  • Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics estimates.

Data collected

The woodfuel suppliers survey collected data on the quantity of woodfuel used or supplied by form.  Further detail was also collected on the origin of wood chips and the source of pellets.

The sawmill survey and survey of round fencing manufacturers included questions asking for the quantity of woodfuel:

  • sold to bioenergy,
  • sold as firewood and
  • used internally for heat/ energy.

All 3 questions have been included in the detailed sawmill survey (sent to sawmills believed to produce at least 10 thousand m3 sawnwood annually) for some time.  The sawmill survey (for smaller mills) was extended in 2006 to cover quantities sold to bioenergy and again in 2008 to cover firewood sales and use for heat/ energy.  All three questions were included for the first time in 2008 in the round fencing survey. 

Response rates

The woodfuel suppliers survey was sent to a total of 321 businesses believed to supply and/ or use woodfuel, of which 142 responded, giving a response rate of 44%.

Response rates for the sawmill survey and survey of round fencing manufacturers are available on the relevant sources pages.


To avoid unnecessary burden on businesses, the woodfuel suppliers survey was only issued to businesses not covered by existing surveys or data requests.  Where possible, data were estimated for non respondents (based on the figures provided by respondents) and for those not covered by the survey.  The results were then refined to remove potential double counting.  All figures have been converted into a common unit of quantity (oven dry tonnes).


Results from the Woodfuel Suppliers Survey were revised between the provisional figures published in the First Release 'UK Woodfuel Statistics' and the final data published in Forestry Statistics to take account of late returns and the results of additional data quality checking procedures.

All figures are subject to revision annually, as information becomes available about currently unknown suppliers, or new information becomes available for previous non-respondents.


Figures are published as UK totals.

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