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Sources: Finance & prices

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Timber prices

Annual figures for coniferous standing sales from Forestry Commission owned woodland broken down by size category, and for Forestry Commission sales of softwood logs, are obtained from administrative records held by the Forestry Commission. The figures are published twice yearly (in May and November) in the First Release 'Timber Price Indices', covering the year to 31 March and the year to 30 September for standing sales and the six month period to 31 March and to 30 September for logs.

The GDP market prices deflator (published quarterly by the Office for National Statistics) is used to convert the figures to real prices (September 2006 base).

The Softwood Sawlog Price Index measures the average price received per cubic metre of
sawlogs from Forestry Commission sales.

The methodology used to calculate the Coniferous Standing Sales Price Index was reviewed
in 2008, with a new method introduced from the November 2008 publication. A Fisher
index with 5-yearly chain linking was adopted as the preferred method for calculating the
index to account for the change inthe size mix of standing sales.

Fora 5 year transition period, the previous Laspeyres index will be shown alongside the new index in the 'Timber Price Indices' publications. For the purposes of this publication only the Fisher series has been presented. Further details on this change are available inthe paper Methodology for the Coniferous Standing Sales Index.

Financial returns

Estimates of financial returns from commercial Sitka spruce plantations are compiled and published by Investment Property Databank Limited (IPD). The returns include changes in the value of forestry estates, as well as timber price changes.

Gross Value Added

Statistics on gross value added (GVA) are obtained from the Annual Business Inquiry (Office for National Statistics), an annual survey of UK businesses. The Annual Business Inquiryuses the UKStandard Industrial Classification (SIC 2003) to classify businesses to industries according to their main activity.

Government expenditure

Information about government expenditure on forestry is obtained from administrative records held by the Forestry Commission. Data are published annually in the Annual Report & Accountsproduced by National Offices.

The figures in Table 8.5 (other government expenditure on forestry) have been revised from Forestry Statistics 2008 to remove double counting of annual research programme expenditure, which was previously included in both the "Research - GB funded" and "International & GB support services" categories. This has reduced the total GB expenditure in this table by around 10 million per year.

Data on grant expenditure are obtained from administrative records for woodland grant schemes across GB.

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