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Sources: Timber

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Data on other deliveries comprise the following:

  • shavings - mainly obtained from shavings manufacturers;
  • woodfuel - suppliers and Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics estimates;
  • hardwood round fencing - Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics estimates;
  • other miscellaneous products - Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics estimates and
  • exports of roundwood and chips - harvesting companies and Forest Service.

The figures, which previously covered Great Britain only, were extended in 2004 to include Northern Ireland.  Figures for exports prior to 2004 relate to Great Britain only.

Data collected

The data collected on shavings, woodfuel and other miscellaneous products cover the quantity of roundwood only.

Data collected on exports covers pulpwood, logs and chips.  For 2004 and earlier years, these figures were provided by the UK Forest Products Association (UKFPA). 


For shavings, data are collected from the main companies known to produce shavings.  In addition, a small estimate is made to cover other shavings manufacturers.

There are currently no reliable sources for data on woodfuel, hardwood round fencing and other miscellaneous products.  As a result, estimates (that are rarely changed) are made by the Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics to attempt to take account of these other uses of UK roundwood.  The estimate for hardwood used for woodfuel was revised in 2005 to reflect a perceived increase in woodfuel, but this should not be interpreted as an increase in a single year.  For 2007, an estimate of roundwood use for biomass energy was included in the woodfuel figure, based on data reported by suppliers and Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics estimates.

For exports, data are requested from harvesting companies believed to have exported roundwood or chips in the last year.  Forest Service provides data on behalf of companies exporting from Northern Ireland.  If required, a small estimate is made for any non respondents or to cover other companies which may have exported roundwood during the year. 


The statistics on other deliveries are not normally revised after publication.  On occasion, an estimate may be revised in a subsequent publication, to take account of expert advice on perceived changes in the market for roundwood.


Statistics reported for each year are available at a UK level only.

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