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Sources: Timber

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Statistics on timber are obtained from a number of sources.  For wood production (removals), data are compiled from:

  • Forestry Commission and Forest Service administrative records of removals from FC/ FS woodlands;
  • Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey for softwood removals from non-FC/ FS woodlands and
  • deliveries of hardwood to wood processing industries (see below) for total hardwood removals.

There is no source of data for hardwood removals from non-FC/ FS woodlands, so these are estimated to be:

  • deliveries of hardwood to wood processing industries (see below) less
  • hardwood removals from FC/ FS woodlands.

Deliveries are estimated from the following sources:

  • Sawmill Survey;
  • Confederation of Paper Industries;
  • UK Forest Products Association;
  • Wood Panel Industries Federation;
  • Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers;
  • shavings manufacturers;
  • harvesting companies (for roundwood and chip exports) and
  • estimates provided by the Expert Group on Timber and Trade Statistics.

Provisional results (in summary format) are published in the First Release 'UK Wood Production and Trade', with final figures issued in Forestry Facts and Figures and Forestry Statistics.

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