Forestry Statistics 2007 - Recreation

Visits to woodland - household surveys

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The Public Opinion of Forestry Survey is carried out every two years and obtains people's attitudes to forestry and forestry-related issues, including visits to woodland.

The results shown in Table 5.5 and Figure 5.1 have been taken from the UK and country reports on the 2007 surveys, which include comparisons with previous surveys.

The preliminary reports on the surveys conducted in 2007 (published on our website on 21 June 2007) and the final reports (available on 15 November 2007) also include other recreation-related results, such as, whether the woodlands visited were in towns or the countryside and any reasons given by survey respondents for not visiting woodlands.

In the UK 2007 survey, 77% of respondents said that they had visited woodland in the last few years for walks, picnics or other recreation.

Table 5.5 Woodland visitors






per cent of respondents

Visited woodland in last few years






Not National Statistics.

Source: Public Opinion of Forestry Surveys 2007.

Base: UK 4,000, Engalnd 3,339, Scotland 1,007, Wales 952, Northern Ireland 1,021

Those who had visited woodland were asked how frequently they had visited during the previous summer and winter. Figure 5.1 shows that respondents visited much more often during the summer, with 70% visiting at least once a month in the summer of 2006 compared to 40% in winter 2006/7.

Figure 5.1 Frequency of visits to woodland

Figure 5.1 Percentage of respondents