Forestry Statistics 2007

UK Grown Timber

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This section covers the production of timber from woodland, and the primary processing of harvested wood to give basic wood products.

Timber originating from conifers is known as softwood and that from broadleaves is known as hardwood.

This section contains the following topics: 

 Wood production
  Summary: wood production
  Softwood removals survey
  Origin of non-FC/ FS removals
  Origin of FC/ FS removals
  Softwood availability forecasts
 Deliveries of UK grown roundwood
 Sawmills - All Mills
  Summary: consumption & production
  Number of sawmills by size
  Number of mills by country
  Number of mills by type of wood sawn
  Consumption of softwood by size of mill
  Consumption of softwood by country
  Production of softwood by size of mill
  Production of softwood by country
  Sales to bioenergy
 Sawmills - Larger Mills
  Softwood consumption and production
  Source of softwood logs
  Sawnwood product markets
  Other sawmill products
  Sawmill employment
 Pulp & paper
  Inputs for the integrated pulp & paper mills
  Production of paper
  Production of pulp
 Woodbased panels
  Inputs for woodbased panel products
  Production of woodbased panel products
 Miscellaneous products
  Softwood round fencing manufacturers
  UK roundwood purchased by softwood round fencing manufacturers
  Volume certified
  Chain of custody certificates

A copy of all timber tables is available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.

For information on employment in forestry and wood processing, see:

Employment & Businesses