Forestry Statistics 2007 - Environment

Climate change and carbon

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The Forestry Commission has conducted similar biennial surveys of public attitudes to forestry and forestry-related issues since 1995.  Four separate surveys were undertaken in 2007; in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and across the UK as a whole.

Some questions on the relationship between forestry and climate change have been asked in previous surveys, and were asked again in 2007.  For example, the results of the UK 2007 survey indicate that:

  • when asked about a series UK forestry topics seen in the media, the most common response was ‘Forests and woodlands helping to tackle climate change’ ;
  • one of top public benefits to be gained from public support of forestry is ‘To help tackle climate change’.

In addition, in 2007, for the first time within each of the four surveys, an additional section of questions was included on this issue. The first new question found that the vast majority UK respondents believe that climate change will have an impact on the UK, with most believing that there will be a large impact (70% of all respondents).

Figure 4.2 Impact of climate change

Further questions were asked, on the way in which forests and woodlands can impact on climate change and on how UK forests should be managed in response to the threat of climate change.  The results are available within the 2007 Public Opinion of Forestry reports available on our website1.

1 Preliminary reports were publsihed on 21 June 2007; final reports will be available on 15 November 2007.