Forestry Statistics 2007 - Sources

Woodland area and planting

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Data on woodland area in the UK are derived from the following sources:

  • Forestry Commission and Forest Service administrative records of FC/ FS woodland areas
  • National Inventory of Woodland and Trees (GB)
  • Statistics on new planting of non-FC woodlands in Great Britain
  • Forestry Commission administrative records of disposals of woodland (GB) and
  • Forest Service estimates of non-FS woodland area in Northern Ireland. 

Data collected

Data are woodland areas in each country (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) by ownership (FC/ FS, non-FC/ FS) and type of woodland (conifer, broadleaf).


For FC/ FS woodlands, data are obtained annually from administrative systems.  Forest Service also provide estimates of non-FS woodland on an annual basis.

For non-FC woodlands in Great Britain, annual estimates of woodland areas are based on the most recent inventory of woodlands - currently the 1995-99 National Inventory of Woodland and Trees (NIWT).  The figures obtained from NIWT are then rolled forward for each country by adding statistics for new planting of non-FC woodland and disposals of FC woodland.  As there are no sufficiently reliable data sources in this area, no account is taken of woodland converted to another land-use.


The statistics on woodland area may be revised between the provisional figures published in the First Release Woodland area, planting and restocking  and the final data published in Forestry Facts & Figures and Forestry Statistics, to take account of revisions to administrative data.  They are not normally revised after final figures are published except when a new National Inventory of Woodland and Trees is published, previous years may be revised.

All areas reported gross includes integral open space, any figures reported net have been rated up by 17.6% to convert to gross.


Statistics reported for each year are published at a country level (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland).

The following pages provide further details on data sources:

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