Forestry Statistics 2007 - Sources


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Data on imports and exports are based on data obtained from overseas trade statistics on intra-EC trade and extra-EC trade produced by HM Revenue and Customs

Data on apparent consumption is derived as UK production plus imports less exports.

Data collected

The data obtained from HM Revenue and Customs covers quantities (weights and volumes) and values of wood and wood products imported to and exported from the UK.  The data is compiled for the following products:

  • roundwood - woodfuel, industrial roundwood,
  • wood charcoal,
  • wood chips & particles,
  • wood residues, 
  • sawnwood,
  • woodbased panels - veneer sheets, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard,
  • pulp - wood pulp, other pulp,
  • recovered paper and
  • paper & paperboard - graphic papers (including newsprint), sanitary & household papers, packaging materials, other paper & paperboard. 

For roundwood, sawnwood and woodbased panels, a softwood/ hardwood breakdown is available.

Data are also obtained by country of origin (for imports) and destination country (for exports).


The data obtained from HM Revenue & Customs are converted to other units (if required) and checked against other sources and expert advice (including the Expert Group on Timber and Trade Statistics, Wood Panel Industries Federation and Confederation of Paper Industries).  For consistency with timber deliveries data, roundwood exports figures are replaced by those compiled from harvesting companies and (for Northern Ireland) Forest Service.


The statistics on imports and exports are subject to revision after publication if revisions are made to the overseas trade statistics produced by HM Revenue & Customs.  Figures may also be refined to take account of expert advice from the Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics and trade associations on the trade in specific products.


Provisional results are published in the First Release UK Wood Production and Trade in May, with final figures issued in Forestry Facts and Figures (September) and Forestry Statistics (October).

Statistics reported for each year are available at a UK level.  Data are also available for country imported from (or exported to) and for more detailed product types.

The following page provides further information on conversion factors:

  Conversion factors