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Felling Licences quick guide

This Quick Guide summarises the felling licence process from checking that a licence may be required to completing the application form and the map.  More detailed information about the stages can be found by using the links on the left hand menu. 

1.  Check the felling licence exemptions:

  • Location
  • Type of tree work
  • Volume and Diameter
  • Other Permissions
  • Legal and statutory requirements

More info – Exemptions

If exempt, felling can proceed but it is best to check with the Forestry Commission


2.  Applying for a licence

Use the Land Information Search (LIS) to find out if there are any designations or other sensitivities that might need to be taken into account.

3.  Check with the local authority to see if any of the trees are covered by a Tree Preservation Order or are in a Conservation Area as this information is not available in the LIS.

4a.  Either complete an application for grant aid including the proposed felling.
4b.  Or complete a felling licence application form and attach two signed and dated maps showing the boundary of the proposed area.

More info - Applying for a licence


 Felling trees without a licence, where one would have been required, is an offence.

Last updated: 31st January 2018