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Forest Plans

A plan for each local forest area sets out how we aim to manage the woodlands in our care over the next 30 or more years.

A Forest Plan:
  • provides a description of the woods as they are now
  • outlines the main points considered when deciding what is best for the woods
  • describes how the forest will develop over time
  • gives specific information about approved tree felling, replanting and regeneration over the next ten years

Find a Forest Plan

You can also search for plans by Name.

Have your say on a Forest Plan

Forest Plans are reviewed at least every five years. If there are important changes you are invited to comment on the proposals, make suggestions and feed back local knowledge.

Register your interest and have your say using the links on the forest district pages, or visit our consultation hub.

Strategic Plans

Management of the nation’s forests must follow national policies and guidelines. A Strategic Plan for the Public Forest Estate in England translates government policy into aims and objectives, guiding forest district plans and our local management plans.

We manage the public forest estate sustainably, for people, wildlife and timber, and meet the UK Forestry Standard. Our stewardship is certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard.

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.